With a history stretching back over one hundred and twenty years, Dublin Institute of Technology has been recognised as a pioneer in technological higher education. DIT is now one of Ireland’s largest and most innovative university-level institutions.There are 20,000 students registered in DIT, all of whom are represented by DIT Students’ Union (DITSU).

The DIT Students’ Union (DITSU) is the largest Students’ Union in the country and is the representative body for all students of the Institute. All students who pay capitation (full-time, part-time, day / block release, postgraduate, apprentice and ERASMUS) become members of the Students’ Union upon registration at the Institute. DIT Students’ Union is affiliated to USI (Union of Students in Ireland), which is the national representative body for students.


DIT Students’ Union is a democratic structure which aims to represent and defend on behalf of all its members. In order to achieve this a tiered structure has been established which allows students be represented collectively at many levels within DIT.

The Student Body

Every DIT student automatically becomes a member of DIT Students’ Union and can benefit from the representation, information and advice available from the Union to its members. Every student is entitled to vote for their on-site College Officer and for each of the Sabbatical Officer roles.

Class Reps

Every class group within DIT is entitled to vote for a Class REP. This REP then represents the views of their class within the Class REP structure. You can read more about this in the Class Rep section.

School Reps

Every School is represented by what is called a School Rep. School Reps are a direct link between the Class Reps in your school to the school itself. They are automatically members of the Student Council, and assist in electing Class Reps in their school

College Officers & Post Graduate Officer

College Officers are voted in on an annual basis. It is their role to run the Class REP Meetings, and College Fora on their site. From these meetings they can hear the views, opinions and issues from Class REP’s and ordinary students, and ensure they are acted on. The Postgraduate Officer looks after the post grad students on a multi-site basis.

Sabbatical Officers

A Sabbatical Officer is a DIT student who represents DIT students full time, at the highest levels within DIT, for the course of the academic year. There are 4 Sabbatical positions which are voted in on an annual basis. The Sabbatical Officers form a team with the 6 College Officers and Postgraduate Officer (known as the Executive Council) which are responsible to Student Council. Sabbatical Officers also attend Class REP Meetings and College Fora as much as is possible.

Elected officer contact details can be found here.

Student Council

The Student Council has the sole and exclusive power to make policy for the Union. The Student Council is representative of the student body, as each Class REP Meeting is entitled to elect a certain number of members according to the amount of students within their campus. Any DIT student can run to become a member of Student Council, and each Class REP Meeting will hold elections if necessary. The 6 College Officers, Postgraduate Officer, 24 School Reps and 4 Sabbatical Officers are also members of Student Council, and must report to them at each Student Council Meeting.

Company Info

In addition to the democratic structure of the Union there is also a staff cohort whose aim it is to aid the democratic side of the organisation to carry out its activities. These staff members work directly for DITSU CLG.

In addition to the democratic structure in DITSU, there is also a team of professional staff members who work with the elected officers and support them in delivering their aims and objectives of their term of office. Article 6 of the DITSU Constitution states: ‘The Union has established a corporation incorporated under law with limited liability, which it is beneficial owner, herein after referred to as DITSU CLG who shall hold the funds, assets and liabilities of the Union and manage all commercial services or other financial or trading activities on behalf of the Union’.

DITSU CLG was established in September 1985 and is registered with the Companies Registration Office (No: 109412). The primary function of the Board of Directors is to manage the company on behalf of the members. The Company constitution provides for the delegation of the members management power to the Board of Directors.

The purpose of the board in any organisation has three main functions namely – Governance, Management and Operations. The accounts of DITSU CLG are audited annually and once approved and adopted at the AGM of DITSU Ltd they are lodged with the Companies Registration Office.

The Directors of DITSU CLG for 2016/2017 are:

4 Sabbatical Officers (full time elected officers)
  • President: Boni Odoemene
  • Vice President  for Education: Pierre Yimbog
  • Vice President for Welfare: Roisin O’Donovan 
  • Vice President for Events: Diarmuid Mc Cleary
Two DITSU Student Directors (elected by the Student Council)
  • Thomas Butler
  • Patrick Reilly
Three External Directors
  • Chairperson: Mr. Pat Brady
  • Frank Mc Mahon
  • Catherine Byrne
In attendance
  •     Company Secretary: Maura Cunningham (Deputy CEO)

Student Service Charter

The ASA team is committed to the highest standards of this valuable service and it is our goal to deal with all our members professionally, fairly and with the utmost respect and courtesy.

What you can expect of us:
  • Information which is timely, accurate and comprehensive taking into account confidentiality, data protection and privacy issues that may be involved.
  • Service available during lunchtime hours.
  • Appropriate representation if required.
  • As part of our professional service, we maintain records of transactions with students; we will record information in a fair, accurate and relevant manner as per the requirements under the relevant legislation.  Records of your interaction with us in relation to Academic and Student Affairs matters are kept in a secure environment.
  • We offer openness and impartiality in our dealings with you and treat members’ queries with courtesy and respect (we treat all queries in a non-judgemental manner).
  • We strive to offer realistic and reasonable responses to your query or advice on your situation.
  • We offer consistent and professional information and advice from the Information and Advice centres at each Students’ Union office.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw our service if the matters in question are outside our scope and/or if we have exhausted all options.  When all avenues have been explored we reserve the right to draw natural conclusion to case.
  • We strive to offer privacy when you drop-in and offer a scheduled appointment with us to discuss your situation when reasonable.
What we expect from you:
  • Honesty – you need to give us all the relevant information so that we can offer you the appropriate information and advice to that you can make an informed decision.
  • Respect – we are a professional information and advice service and we cannot allow disrespectful or aggressive behaviour in our offices or when, dealing with a student on-line or on the phone.
  • Punctuality – we expect you to show up on time for your appointment or if you need to reschedule to contact us let us a timely manner.
  • Courtesy – Please be courteous and polite when dealing with members of the ASA team.
  • If you do not have complete information at time of presenting to the ASA staff member and you are required to follow up with documentation or statement; please do so in a timely manner, and note that it is your responsibility to do so.