Ents Crew

Graduation Ball



 This is where the magic happens! DIT Students’ Union organises events throughout the year to help you have a great social life while in college. We also work to promote the activities of students be it through society, sporting or volunteering events. All the details are here.

So, what does the Events & Marketing arm of DIT Students’ Union do? We’re the people who put together all the DIT Students’ Union events. We organise Freshers Week, RAG Week, the BIG Bash, and the Graduation Balls etc. We’re also the very same people who try to get external companies to give us loads of money so we can spend it on keeping DIT students happy. Tougher than you might think, you know!

If you would like to give him a hand and get involved in ents & events, drop in to your local SU office or call (01) 402 2944. We can also help you organise a great class party, just check out the Class Party Menu.